Residents of Japan undergo accelerated courses in casino schools

More and more residents of Japan are enrolling in casino schools, looking forward to the long-awaited opening of integrated resorts on the territory of the state.

Residents of Japan undergo accelerated courses in casino schools
Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that Japanese casino schools are seeing an incredible rise in the number of students who want to learn how to play various gambling games. Masayoshi Oivane, the owner of one of these schools, says that more and more Japanese are hoping to get work in the lucrative gambling industry, basing their assumptions on “an unprecedented number of enrolled students.”

After the adoption of the bill on integrated casino resorts, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that integrated resorts will help attract foreign investment, which in turn will give impetus to the development of the country’s economy. According to Abe, the opening of casino resorts in Japan will also create new jobs, thereby strengthening the country’s competitive strength in the international arena.

According to analysts, the value of the Japanese casino market could reach $ 15.8 billion – more than the Las Vegas market ($ 11 billion). The international credit watchdog agency Fitch Ratings provided a more restrained estimate – $ 6 billion of potential annual gambling profits of Japan.

Japanese casino expert Toru Mihara predicts the creation of tens of thousands of jobs, even if the government decides to allow only land-based facilities on the territory of the state. In addition to gaming, Michara believes that the Japanese authorities should promote the development of business related to the holding of conferences and exhibitions.

“The influx of tourists can breathe life into different regions. This can grow into a new, leading industry, “said Mihara.

Recall: June 19, the House of Representatives, the lower house of the Japanese Parliament, adopted a bill on the introduction of integrated resorts.

The Irish model can be put in a Thai prison for advertising gambling

19-year-old Irish model Jesse Ward may be subject to criminal punishment in Thailand due to the propaganda of gambling, which in this country are illegal.

The Irish model can be put in a Thai prison for advertising gambling
Jesse Ward, a native of Donegal, Northern Ireland, received payment for a series of candid photos advertising gambling sites. According to the Irish media, it was associated with a large number of such advertising campaigns.

In addition to Wardes, 15 more models were engaged in the propaganda of illegal online gambling sites. Recently, Jesse and four other young women voluntarily went to the police. According to media reports, they confessed to the deed and publicly apologized for violating the laws of Thailand. For this crime, girls face imprisonment or a fine.

Recall that in Thailand against gambling are not only the authorities, but also the youth.

Opposition Again Against Casino in Japan

The ruling coalition of Japan hopes that the law on the introduction of integrated resorts (IR) will be adopted within the next few weeks after the extension of the parliamentary session until July 22. However, the opposition group again opposed the legalization of casinos in the country.

Opposition Again Against Casino in Japan
The chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Yutaro Kikuti, made a statement that legislation could threaten the foundations of the national order. “The proposed law on the abolition of the ban on the casino overlooks why gambling is still a punishable criminal offense, and this significantly worsens the integrity of the entire law and order,” the document says.

The group also pointed to the problem of dependence on gambling, related organized crime, money laundering. At the same time, it is alleged that most of the Japanese public is also against the bill.

Over the past few days, the bill has already been discussed in the lower house of parliament. The Chamber of Councilors will now discuss this draft and will most likely approve it before July 22, in an extended period. The disagreement of the Federation of Bar Associations is likely to not affect the legislative process: it is expected that it will play a role in future projects for the construction of integrated resorts.

Recall: more and more residents of Japan are enrolled in casino schools, anticipating the long-awaited opening of integrated resorts on the territory of the state.

The leader of the gambling market of Macau follows its employees

The company Galaxy Entertainment Group is accused of spying on their employees in social networks.

The leader of the gambling market of Macau follows its employees
The media received insider information that the casino operator had made a deal with the company on digital marketing YouFind to monitor the social networks of its employees.

According to the source, the company’s policy towards employees changed in 2017 – after the typhoon of Hato, which hit the south of China. Many casinos were not ready for a storm, and in social networks there were a lot of negative reviews about the operators. It is reported that in order to cope with the reaction and control the damage, GEG entered into a deal with YouFind.

In response to these reports, Galaxy Entertainment Group has officially stated that it has never resorted to the illegal use of data from social networks and will never resort to such methods. YouFind is an outsourcing partner of the company in the field of social networks to assess and strengthen the company’s presence in them – the press service of the company said.

Attendance of Macau in May affected the level of GGR

According to Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd, the number of tourists who visited Macao in May increased, but the level of gross gaming profit (GGR) in Macau fell more than 2 times compared with April.

Attendance of Macau in May affected the level of GGR
According to information provided on Friday by the City Statistics and Census Service, the total number of visitors to Macau in May was just over 2.7 million, which is 5.2% more than in the previous year, and the number of tourists from the mainland of China increased by 9 , 3%. Both these indicators show an improvement in terms of the total influx of tourists compared to May 2017, which was 3.7%.

However, as reported in Morgan Stanley, attendance in May 2018 fell. The company noted that the main reason for the reduction of GGR from 27.6 to 12.1% was “a decrease in the level of profit from the VIP sector” in the city’s casinos.

“According to Bloomberg, in May mass profit increased only by 8.3% per annum (compared to 19% in the first quarter of 2018 and 28% in April),” Morgan Stanley said.

The gradual decline in GGR in the mass segment, most likely, was triggered by the slower “growth in the number of Chinese tourists – by 9.3% per annum (compared to 13% in the first quarter of 2018 and 17% in April).” The assessment of such a change in the GGR market in May is based on the informal income of the industry.

Other investment analysts noted that there should be a direct relationship between the number of tourists coming to Macau and their spending on gambling in the casino. And all because of the fact that during the study it was found out that high-stakes games for a relatively small number of visitors are still an important component of the market.

Morgan Stanley suggested that a weaker annual increase in mass profit in May, as evidenced by Bloomberg’s data, could be a result of such factors as a lower number of days off in the month compared to the same period of the previous year, and a decline in the May Gold Week .

Recall: named after the dream god from Greek mythology, the new hotel Melco Resorts worth $ 1.1 billion is the last addition to the third phase of the complex City of Dreams Macau.

Mr Green received the award for the best casino campaign of the year

Online operator Mr Green Ltd was awarded the prestigious prize in the “Casino campaign of the year” nomination at the annual EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards in London.

Mr Green received the award for the best casino campaign of the year
Using marketing channels in a relevant and effective way was the key criterion for selecting winners, as determined by the EGR jury this year.

Mr Green received the award for the Christmas calendar campaign, based on the player’s preferences, and not on the classic bonus offers. All of its items met the criteria of the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC), which was also noted by the expert jury.

“Being recognized for our creativity and the ability to entertain did not go unnoticed by our players last year, and we are pleased that our methods of work have attracted the attention of the EGR jury,” commented Jesper Kerrbrink, CEO of Mr Green Ltd.

Recall: online bookmaker Pinnacle refused to license the gambling regulator of Great Britain.

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Ltd expands to Philippines and Vietnam

Electronic distributor of casino games Asia Pioneer Entertainment Ltd (APE) announced plans to expand its business in the Asia-Pacific region and continue to service its domestic market in Macau. This was reported by Allen Hu, chairman and CEO of APE.

Asia Pioneer Entertainment Ltd expands to Philippines and Vietnam
Factors contributing to this expansion include the growth of the casino sector in Vietnam and the Philippines and the growing trend of outsourcing technical support to Macau casinos.

As for the prospects beyond Macao, Hu explained:

“We are increasing our sales, expanding our staff and supply in the Philippines and Vietnam. Entering these markets in the next couple of years will provide us with significant growth. We work as an exclusive distributor, mainly for OEMs such as Aristocrat [Leisure Ltd] and Scientific Games [Corp], which usually have their own sales and distribution offices. ”

Recall: according to the company Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd, the number of tourists who visited Macau in May, increased, but the level of gross gaming profit (GGR) fell more than 2 times compared with April.

Macau’s large casinos will stop conducting security exercises

At the beginning of the year, members of the various emergency services of Macau joined the nightly simulation of a state of emergency in the Galaxy Macau. The authorities organized exercises to test the ability of the public sector department and casino employees to coordinate major incidents.

“Given the current security situation, DICJ is not planning another training in the casino in the next few months on such a scale as it was in Galaxy Macau,” the regulator’s press service reported. “Nevertheless, DICJ will continue to pay close attention to casino security, and if there is a need for another joint simulation training, DICJ will actively participate in it and provide the necessary coordination and support.”

During the January exercises, an armed robbery was simulated in a public area, with four “criminals” attacking “passers-by” before escaping to the crowded hotel lobby. The cases of multiple injuries, the threat of an explosion, the hostage scenes and the confrontation between the police and the criminals were simulated.

During the training, DICJ tested the communications mechanism during emergencies, which was developed in June last year after the attack on the Resorts World Manila casino in the capital of the Philippines.

However, according to the risk assessment for 2018 from expert Steve Vickers and Associates Ltd, the casino industry of Macau remains “vulnerable to terrorist attacks, despite recent efforts to increase readiness.”

We will remind: the gambling regulator of Macau will forbid to workers of game halls to participate in games, besides work.

Chinese premium players will come to Japanese casinos – Lawrence Ho

CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment Lawrence Ho believes that the renewal of his business in Macau is beneficial for the future participation in the implementation of integrated resort areas in Japan.

Chinese premium players will come to Japanese casinos – Lawrence Ho
Melco conducts planned changes in the structure of its facilities in preparation for applying for a license in Japan. The main goal of the operator for today is to attract players not only VIP-level, but also premium-class players.

“What tourists knock on the door of Japan? Chinese players in the premium segment, “Ho said. – Over the past five years, China has provided almost 60% of tourists to Japan. According to forecasts, the number of Chinese premium customers by 2025 will reach 120 million. Just in time for the opening of our first integrated resort in Japan. ”

After some delay, the operator opened a new hotel in one of the towers of City of DreamsMacau. The Morpheus Hotel, designed by the architect and designer Zaha Hadid, is the only example of an architectural design not only for Macau, but for Asia in general.

Ho also shared plans to upgrade the City of Dreams casino. Like Morpheus, City of Dreams will become a place not only for VIPs, but also for guests of the premium segment.

Let’s remind: the opposition again opposes the legalization of casino-resorts in Japan.

Californian tore record jackpot on $ 3-machine in Las Vegas

A Los Angeles resident loses a $ 11.8 million jackpot in a $ 3 discount machine while resting in Las Vegas
The lucky star named Rodolfo T. played Aug. 8 at Fremont Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Aug. 14, Daily Mail.

“Freemont has seen many thousands of jackpots in his 60-year history in Las Vegas, but not at all! … We are incredibly excited to be part of this amazing jackpot,” said Jim Sullivan, General Manager of Fremont.